Recently, I’ve had the opportunity of joining and studying at the IDENTITY School of Acting; the UK’s leading Drama School’s Los Angeles based Institution.

IDENTITY has been one of the UK’s top drama schools for quite some time and has produced talent by the likes of John Boyega (Star Wars, Pacific Rim: Uprising), Letitia Wright (Black Panther, Black Mirror), Damson Idris (Snowfall) and Melanie Liburd (This IS US) to name a few. The unique school was even featured in Deadline Hollywood recently.

After hearing about the opportunity via a social media post from Letitia, I decided to audition back in June. Being one the last to audition for awesome super agent Femi Oguns, I later found out that I was selected out of thousands of hopefuls and inducted as a member of the schools historic first LA class. I cannot express how honored I am to forever be linked and a part of the IDSA family. The community of love and talented artists constantly working to become better was one of my favorite artistic experiences ever. Grateful to have a creative gym that gives me a space to continue my growth as an artist.

Consistently adding to my artistic toolbox is very important to me. I love what I do and desire to push the limits of my potential. I highly encourage any and every artist who is serious about their craft to always seek new ways to grow. Even if not at IDSA, get in class. Explore the depths of your creativity. Continue to get better and bolder. There is a saying at Identity which I’ve now adopted: “The Work is the Work is THE WORK”.

Ultimately, we only get out of anything what we put in. Work truly begets more work. My goal always is to exhaust all resources and avenues when creating a role, leaving no stone unturned. Preparation is key so… here’s to doing the work! Until next time…

Create. Inspire. Live.

– DP

Check out more info on the school here and apply today!

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