DC Black Film Fest Best Actor 2020


Amidst a chaotic day (and well hell… a chaotic year to say the least) SOME GOOD NEWS:

I was just notified that the great folks at the DC Black Film Festival have awarded me BEST ACTOR 2020 for TinderBox.

I am so incredibly humble and thankful for the honor. With so much beautiful work presented, it means the world to me to be recognized by MY people in DC. I love y’all!

In a world where art, festivals and life in general are in a constant state of pivoting, I am beyond proud of this project and in constant awe of the wonderful reception we’ve received. It just reinforces to me “Do the Work and the People will find the Art.”

This was Rickey Larke’s brainchild and he did a remarkable job bringing his vision to life. My guy is a force, a magnificent writer & filmmaker on the rise… and everyone is gonna find that out very very soon!!

Acting is Reacting. And I had the honor of reacting and building with some incredible artists. I share this award with my lovely scene partners Danielle Joelle Carter & Christopher Allen, who absolutely KILLED in their roles. WE did this y’all. (Everyone needs to hire them!! Lol)

Lastly, to our awesome DP Justin D. Lee, every single crew member, every single producer, our lovely CD– we became family on that set. I love y’all for life. I root for you all forever.

Here’s to more art & many more adventures!!

Anyone and everyone else thank you and for the love of God please GO VOTE ON NOVEMBER 3RD!!


Create. Inspire. Live.


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