Where we studying at?

Almost, Maine

Whattup Fam,

I often get asked “Where can I begin to study acting?” or “Where exactly can I sharpen my skills and perfect my craft?“. While I started out studying at a local community college in my hometown, I’ve been very fortunate and have had the great privilege of training at quite a few places on my artistic journey such as South Coast Repertory, Tim Robbins & The Actor’s Gang, Matthew Arkin’s studio, and many more. These are all great options seeking, but today also I just wanted to share and highlight a few of my current personal favorite class recommendations:

My first recommendation is The Joy of Acting with actor Joy Brunson (This is Us/ Snowfall) in Los Angeles and remotely. Joy is not only an amazing artist and person all around, but she is my recommended “go to” acting coach. She approaches each class with such respect and care for both the craft and her students. And personally, I feel that having direct feedback and mentorship from a current working actor in this industry is invaluable. Joy has a knack for asking the right questions and helping you find unique angles in the work that absolutely make the scene and your characters LIVE truthfully. I can honestly say that the work done in her on-camera scene study class was a great contribution to me landing various roles. Joined by incredible coaches Christopher M. Watson, Marissa Rivera and Felipe Figueroa The classes are currently online with in person classes coming back soon with things re-opening. The Joy of Acting offers scene study, commercial audition classes, self-tape/audition prep, private coaching and other many services. And the actor merch shop is fire!

Where: Los Angeles and remotely.

Check out www.thejoyofacting.com for more information.

My Second recommendation is The Beth Ryne Studio with Casting Director Beth Ryne in Los Angeles and Remotely. Beth has years of experience behind the casting table, as a teacher, and as director herself and is absolutely brilliant when it comes to text analysis and script breakdown. The way she is able to take the words on the page and break down every line, every beat… it is just remarkable. And Beth’s passion is so contagious. Currently All classes are virtual. Some of the classes offered include Audition Text analysis, Virtual coaching, Mindfulness for Audition prep and Scene study.

Where: Los Angeles and remotely.

Be sure to check out www.bethrynestudio.com for more info.

Lastly, for a more conservatory style training, I recommend IDENTITY school of Acting located in both Los Angeles and London. The culture of discipline and the respect for doing the work is absolutely beautiful here. This is by far the most diverse acting school I have ever attended. Plus they’ve produced talent such as John Boyega, Letitia Wright and Damson Idris to name a few. The level of talent they attract is incredible and the environment really is one of a family that supports and pushes one another for the best. Curriculum ranges from scene study to movement, voice, text analysis and much more. Classes offered are currently both in person and virtual

Where: Los Angeles, London and remotely.

www.identityschoolofacting.com for more info.

I hope this is at all helpful.

Remember, no matter where you choose to study your craft, just make sure that you continue to grow and learn each day. We are in this for the long haul and that makes us students for life. If you can’t get in class, get your hands on some books, read plays, or even hop on a zoom call with your friends and hold your own scene study sessions. No matter what, don’t stop doing the work.

Let me know what you think of these recommendations or if you have any recommendations of your own in the comments. Let’s spread the wealth and push the craft forward for all!

Until next time,


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