UNLOCKED Lead  | HP Studios/NBC/Peacock TV

TINDERBOX Lead  | Rickey Larke

SAFELead  |  Marissa High

HUSKY | Supporting  |  Matt Sayles

RUN AND GUN  |  Lead  |  Pocket Studios, Robert Adams

THE ALLNIGHTER  |  Aimee Graham

WE WON’T GO BACK  |  Self  |  Jared Milrad

PURSUE THE DREAM |  Lead  |  Wade Patterson


Blues for an Alabama Sky  |  Leland Cunningham   |  The Mark Taper Forum , Phylicia Rashad

Going.. Going.. Gone!  |  Mason Young  |  The Hudson, Ken Levine

A Christmas Carol  |  Young Marley/Ensemble  |  South Coast Repertory

A Soldier’s Play  |  Captain Richard Davenport  |  Studio Theatre, Tony Carreiro

Selections: Take Me Out  |  Davey Battle  |  SCR, Bart DeLorenzo

Fast Company (PPF)  |  Narrator  |  SCR, Shelly Butler

Julius Caesar Brutus  |  Studio Theatre, Greg Mortensen

Survival Strategy | Jerry | Marilyn Monroe Theatre

Look Away  |  Alonzo  |  LB Playhouse, Kate Felton

Medea  |  Aegeus  |  Studio Theatre, Tony Carreiro

Almost, Maine  |  Daniel Harding  |  Studio Theatre, Greg Mortensen

The Coarse Acting Show  |  Smethwick  |  SCLA, Greg Mortensen

Surprises  |  Peter  |  Studio Theatre, Hal Landon Jr.

W.A.S.P.  Thurgood  |  Studio Theatre, Matt Gourley

Daycation Theatre  |  Recurring Cast/Writer  |  Manazar Gamboa, Dennis Pearson


Femi Oguns (Principal & CEO), Anthony Mark Barrow (Head of Los Angeles School)

Karen Hensel – Scene Study + Text Analysis

Joanne DeNaut CSA – Auditioning Technique

Hal Landon Jr. – Michael
Chekhov + Movement

Hisa Takakuwa – Shakespeare

Greg Atkins – Improvisation

Jill Newton – Acting On Camera

Linda Brennan – Voice + Speech

Tim Robbins (Scene Study + The Style)

Cynthia Ettinger (Scene Study +The Style)

Faculty: Tony Carreiro, Greg Mortensen, Hal Landon Jr., Matt Gourley, Cathy Crane, Richard Freedman

Advanced Scene Study (Uta Hagen)

Matthew Arkin

Joy Brunson (On Camera Scene Study)

Sydney Walsh (On Camera Audition Technique)

Natalie Britton + Kate Hamilton (Producers Lab)


East African | Brooklyn | British | Alabama


Screenwriting | Voice Over | Stage Combat | Select Impersonations | Double Jointed Thumbs | Producing | Directing | Improvisation | Basketball | Bowling | Billiards | Hosting | Weightlifting

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