Short + Sweet Hollywood Festival

A play that I had the pleasure of performing in a couple weeks back, Survival Strategy, was voted and given the People’s Choice Award at the Short + Sweet Hollywood festival ()! Survival Strategy was voted the fan favorite and awarded a spot in the festivals Semi-Finals. Beyond thrilled for my awesome co-star , incredible director Brian Patrick Williams and of course the woman who made it all possible, our terrific playwright as we continue this journey together.

Short+Sweet is a global festival brand, presenting highly successful Theatre, Dance, Cabaret and Song Festivals around the world. They provide audiences with exciting and contemporary works that challenge and entertain. Short+Sweet’s mission is to build theatre-going audiences around the world.

Beginning as a small festival of 10 minute plays in Sydney, Australia, they have grown into a global organization. Short+Sweet has made a huge impact on the Australian theatre scene through developing new, original work with emerging artists and providing a platform for established artists to showcase their talents.

With that said, come join us and check out all of the fun! You can find my play, Survival Strategy on Schedule D where we are currently located under the People’s Choice Semifinals tab. Performances will take place Thursday October 18th, at 7pm. Hope to see you there and until next time…

Create. Inspire. Live.

– DP

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