Unlocked is a 2022 Tribeca X Award Finalist

Follow the data and unlock the truth.

Watch Unlocked, an action-packed interactive short film starring Dennis Pearson, Lowam Eyasu and Bianca Gisselle streaming only on Peacock premiering 2/18/2022.

Two data scientists must use the power of data to find a rare flower, rumored to cure neurological diseases, before it falls into the wrong hands. The twist is, you can access the same data sets as the characters in the film, to put your skills to the test in challenges that focus on data visualization, natural language processing, signal processing and computer vision. Watch the film and complete the challenges at https://www.hp.com/unlocked

Directed by Jonathan Pearson

Starring Dennis Pearson, Lowam Eyasu and Bianca Gisselle

UNLOCKED (2022 NBC/Peacock)

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